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Rising majestically from the sea on Tasmania's east coast is the rugged and beautiful Freycinet Peninsula.
Freycinet National Park consists of knuckles of granite mountains all but surrounded by azure bays and white sand beaches. The dramatic peaks of the Hazards welcome you as you enter the park. Freycinet is effectively two eroded blocks of granite - the Hazards and the Mt Graham/Mt Freycinet sections of the peninsula - joined by a sand isthmus.
Freycinet is a great place to go bird watching. You may be lucky enough to see a white-bellied sea-eagle gliding overhead or large Australasian gannet diving for food in the ocean.
Freycinet National Park offers a wide variety of activities. Take a walk to the pass overlooking the perfectly shaped Wineglass Bay, trek the entire length of the Freycinet Peninsula on a three day walk or try less strenuous activities like beach strolls, swimming or wildlife spotting.


Douglas-Apsley National Park is a place of rugged river gorges, waterfalls, tall stands of eucalypts, tranquil pools and pockets of rainforest.
Douglas–Apsley covers an area of 16,080 hectares (39,735 acres) close to the Freycinet Peninsula and the popular beachside holiday towns of Tasmania's mild east coast.
A multiple-use history of farming, mining and trapping probably saved this area from large-scale logging before it became a national park in 1989. Its particular vegetation responded well to the frequent burns undertaken by the trappers to bring on new growth and attract wildlife. Today its diversity of plants and animals is one of its greatest appeals.
The northern and southern ends of Douglas–Apsley are joined by the three-day Leeaberra walking track. However, if you are after a short walk, drive into the southern end, where there's a picturesque waterhole and gorge. This is a great place to cool off on one of those warm east-coast days when leaves crackle underfoot and the scent of eucalyptus fills the air.


The Friendly Beaches form part of Freycinet National Park. Spectacular views, miles of unspoiled white sand beaches, and low-key camping by the sea are the main features of The Friendly Beaches, which were added to the Freycinet National Park in 1992. Gravel roads lead to car parks overlooking the beaches.Fishing and surfing are two popular pastimes, although persons enterering the water must be aware that this is an unpatrolled beach and conditions can be dangerous.
One of Tasmania's few native terrestrial mammals that is on the threatened species list is found in the area. Indeed, the New Holland mouse was first discovered in Tasmania in 1976 in the heathlands of the Friendly Beaches. It is listed as rare.


Discover Tasmania's greatest sea kayaking destination on the Freycinet Paddle. The Freycinet Paddle was listed as the #4 must-do experience in Australia on the Nine Network's Things to Try Before you Die.
On this relaxed, three hour guided tour of the Freycinet coastline, you'll glide beneath pink granite mountains, past pristine sandy beaches and across waters so crystal clear you feel like you can touch the marine life below.
You'll experience Freycinet's rich wildlife as you weave along the peninsula's stunning coastline. Watch for soaring sea eagles, elusive little penguins and the sudden gleam of a dolphin's back as it breaks the ocean's surface. Take time out on a secluded beach and discover Freycinet's rich stories from your guides as you relax with freshly brewed coffee and tasty snacks.
This award-winning tour blends adventure and serenity with a deep appreciation of an incredible environment. An unforgettable way to discover the Freycinet Peninsula.

*Learn more - www.freycinetadventures.com.au

  • Relax!
  • Hike to Wineglass Bay
  • Stroll on a beach
  • Go for a swim
  • Go fishing
  • Hire a kayak
  • Take a boat cruise
  • Drive to Moulting Lagoon
  • Take a Scenic Flight
  • Go bushwalking
  • Take a Bike ride
  • & MUCH more!

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